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  1. That works. You are great! Thank you very much.
  2. Thanks for the replay. I added the code like you mentioned, but the columns are still aligned to the left.
  3. If that would be the only problem. In total the squarespace page loads very slow. Is there anything I can improve regarding to the pagespeed? The attached files are first the desktop version and second the mobile version. I am not a developer/code but I want to have a website which is competitive to others.
  4. I made a misstake. I want to use the columns aligned to the middle. I already changed my design to the column version.
  5. So now there is some free time to work on the footer again. Like I already mentioned I want to use the staple version aligned to the middle of the webiste. On desktop and mobile version. The website is www.tutti-palette.de. Maybe you can help me now. Would love to hear from you. P.S.: At the moment I don`t use the staple version. Do I have to change to the staple version before you have a look on the site?
  6. At the moment we run a cover site, because the release will only be in about 2 weeks. So if you access the site now, you won`t see the footer. Think that doesn`t help you. I think I either I have to activate a site for you or I have to wait until the store is open, or? The link to our site is www.tutti-palette.de
  7. Hey there, we use the clay template. It´s a template of the brine family. For the footer you have two major design options. We would love to use the staple version. But on this version the pages are aligned to the left side. We want to align the footer to the middle. Is there any way to solve this problem with code injection? Thanks
  8. Hey there, we are using squarespace in germany and there we have some, i would call it, translation problems. We talk to our customers in an informal way. So in general we distinguish between you and you: in german: sie und du. The checkout page uses the formal way of communication: in german sie. And we would like to change the text, so that the text on the checkout-page fits to all our other sites. We know, its difficult to explain, but maybe some of you are getting it. We know that the settings are limited because of security reasons. We just need to change from formal to informal. Are there any possibilities to change the text with code injection? At the moment we don`t want to use the developer mode. (We even don`t know if it would be possible in developer mode. We read about all other issues with the checkout-page.) Thanks
  9. I would like to know that too. I tried out to work around with galerie or image blocks. It doesn`t fit my standard.
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