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  1. Yes, its denniseming.de
  2. Hello guys, how can I reduce the space between the Website Logo and the Content Picture in the Mobile Version? Maybe it helps if i can resize the nav menu, so there is not that much white space. But I dont know how, can anyone help? Thank you so much!
  3. Hey guys, whats the easiest way to realize this? multiple grey #f6f6f6 boxes, with text overlapping like on the screenshot. For the mobile Version, the text-boxes should be among each other. I am using the template York. Thank you very much for any kind of help!
  4. mhmm but this code works just for this gallery, on the other gallery pages there is still the white background. Do i have to edit the code for each new page?
  5. yeeees, perfect. it works! Thank u so much!!!!
  6. ahh great. the link is: https://pomegranate-harpsichord-jwpy.squarespace.com/gluecklicker-darm and the pw is: hello
  7. No, sorry, its not yet online 😞 so just the 14 days trial version
  8. Hey guys, im using the template "york" and on my gallery page i want the caption to overlap on my gallery picture. Like on my Screenshot, but WITHOUT the white background box anround the text, just the text hovering over the picture. Is this possible? thanks!
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