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  1. @tuanphan Unfortunately those options didn't change anything, but what I'm seeing now is that the 'page description' div is gone (yay!) in the developer view, but on the live site, the empty div remains at the top of pages. Is there a reason for developer view and live view being different?
  2. Thank you, I was looking an a filtered view of the Design menu and wasn't seeing it. Worked like a charm!
  3. Hi there, I am using the Brine template, trying to set the Content Inset to 0. All the Brine documentation states this can be done through the template settings in Design > Main, but the tweak seems to be missing. Has the tweak been hidden? Is there a way to target this tweak through CSS to manually set it to zero? I would like to retain the site's overall side padding, but just set the Content Inset to zero. Thank you!
  4. Update: I was able to remove page descriptions from every page but the homepage, but the following code also removes the necessary padding from the description on the homepage. I countered this fix (poorly) by adding extra blank lines of spaces above the page description text to move it roughly into a vertically centered position in its div, but have not found a proper solution yet. /* Removing page descriptions from every page but the Home Page */ :not(.collection-5dbb168dd36ae56a609c8da0).page-text-wrapper.clearfix.sqs-frontend-overlay-editor-widget-host { visibility:collapse !important; margin-top: 0px !important; margin-bottom: 0px !important; }
  5. Hello! I am using the York template. I am trying to remove the page description from every page on my site except for the homepage. The homepage's page description places copy over our intro banner video, which I need, but this feature also places divs for copy at the top of *every* page, and I would like to remove the page description copy and its div space on those pages. Is there an if/then loop that can identify the homepage from all other pages and remove the page description block from all pages but the home page? Thank you!
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