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  1. Since August, we have been getting a random unsaved form block email. I tried to fix it by deleting the form block all together and deleting the authorized app in Mailchimp as the Squarespace help page indicates. I then re-connected everything. Mailchimp has registered new form submissions in the last week as it states on our audience page, but today I got another form submission error. So it seems to be happening on and off. Can anyone give me ideas on what to do and what might be the issue? I mean, at least I get the email of the unsaved submissions and I can manually enter them but...that's
  2. Yes, at this point just manually add them on your website page. Or check Mailchimp and see if they were added when you attempted to fix it. You could always add them in Mailchimp too. Would you mind telling me how you went about fixing your issue? I tried to fix that same issue we've been having but I got another notification this morning that another form submission error occurred.
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