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  1. That looks like a great place to start! Oddly I tried the HELP menu and nothing came up. Thanks. Again.
  2. I was given some code to inject that will convert the huge stacked images into a gallery of teeny tiny thumbnails. So I switched templates to a Brine family one. Seems better but still if I have a variant it is showing me all the variants and I want to suppress them because I am using a swatch plugin that is way more powerful.
  3. The default is in lbs (pounds) but I sell very small items that are in grams or fractions of grams. Customers are expecting grams and not .01 lbs when it's 8g
  4. Sorry I thought that I had provided this to you directly. www.dianelyncosmetics.com is the URL pa$$word is the password.
  5. I am using Supply template (I am kinda a newb) and the Product detail is displaying the Variants as if they are also Products (with full size images stacked). I only want to see the Product that I am selecting and have the Variants appear in the selection pull down menu. There is nothing to control this in the Site Styles. The details about the template merely mention that Product images are in fact stacked. Is there a way with code injection to hide the variant images from the Product Detail? Thanks in advance.
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