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  1. Hi everyone, For the last 3 weeks when I add an "Option" image and the "Item" default images, the swapping behavior is not working as before. The previous image remains on rollover . Any product I create (post Nov 15 . 19) does not work correctly. (previous image remains on rollover) Bug? or is there something I'm doing wrong. This is my storefront you can see the older products work correctly. https://hacklab.design/
  2. Do you know how to customize the password page?
  3. Thank you but I would have to upgrade my squarespace account for email campaigns. correct? I like the PDF and I'm a day job graphic artist , I'll make a cheat sheet for the my eLearning course. Need help making a web course that you can charge for? Feel free to get in touch. contextc.com eLearning • Marketing • Youtube Videos - 919-807-1158
  4. I want to sell access to a password protected page that has an embedded video or iframe storyline course. How do I provide a link with a password after someone buys a Digital product? Can you edit the followup text post purchase? Ryan
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