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  1. @RyanDejaegher the welcome button can indeed go away in this case.
  2. Thank you very much @bangank36 and @RyanDejaegher ! The position is still incorrect using both your codes though. Funny thing, the preview mode and the live website don't show the same thing. I took screenshots of how it looks in the preview AND on the live site, for each one of your codes (see attached): @bangank36, when in the preview: it centers the logo correctly, however the social media icons are much higher. I can actually live with that but ... in the live website: the position is still hanging up there. @RyanDejaegher,
  3. Site URL: https://nizarphotography.com Hey everyone, I'm using Forte template and just created a cover page. I find my logo awkward on top of the page: https://nizarphotography.com What I want to do is to vertically (and horizontally) center the logo. So I'm removing the header (which is vertically centered) and replacing it with the logo instead. I'd keep 3 navigation links just below it. In the custom CSS code, I managed to move the logo down by using padding, but then the links followed as well and went all the way down. I would really appreciate your help
  4. Sorry, it did actually remove the navigation menu, but what I intended to do is only removing the "image banner" and text under it, keeping the product details only (with the navigation menu).
  5. Thank you tuanphan for your response. I tried the code, but unfortunately, it had no effect on the page. Is it possible that I'm doing something wrong?
  6. Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to remove the header content from ALL the product details page, without removing it from the main products page? I looked up the subject in other posts in the forum, but none of the suggestions worked for me. Here's one of the pages: https://nizarphotography.com/order-prints/qucdrpywrevk7378eqfacl80bytyi8 I'd like to keep only the bottom half (the product and its details). Here's everything I tried: /* remove header */ body#collection-item-5dc5900dbf1e312858698fd0 header.Header.Header--bottom.Header--overlay {
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