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  1. Good point @raquelwilson! I am actually trying to find the same functionality of exporting these stats and this will be one of the main decision points of whether I should go with squarespace email or mailchimp. Anyone any ideas?
  2. Same here! That would definitely speed up the checkout process
  3. Many thank @JVAshley! You surely help me identify the issue. Will try to see how I will implement this "reverse" logo issue that keeps breaking up.
  4. Thanks a lot @chandlerbing for your kind words and the suggestion. You are absolutely right! I have just changed the size of social icons. Many thanks
  5. Thank you @MarcusSmall! I really appreciate your kind words. Will surely check the website proposed. Many thanks
  6. @derricksrandomviews thank you! Since my logo is white, I was just trying to find the style to reverse it in white pages. And gladly I did! I think that it should now work and the logo reverts to black in those pages with white background. Thank you very much for your feedback.
  7. Site URL: https://larios.photos Hi All, I have found this forum of tremendous value while designing my new photography website. I have been rather quiet myself, but have found numerous answers to my design queries at previous posts so thank you all! I just launched my new (yet 7.0) Squarespace website at https://larios.photos Would be keen to know how it looks on your side in different screen/ tablet setups, if anything does not work, if things break plus of course *ANY* critique that you may have is welcome. I would really appreciate any of your comments! Many thanks in advance. Yannis
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