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  1. How do I ensure that when I am setting two or more things in Site Style that the color I am selecting is EXACTLY the same on each. For example, I want all buttons to be a certain color so I want to set the Background Color on all the different buttons to the same RGB. Right now, when i go to change the color I get the colorwheel selector thing and have to work very hard to match the color exactly, when all I want to do is just copy the RGB from one and paste it into another. HELP!!!!
  2. When you Ask New Question here, you get an option at the bottom to 'Notify me of replies'. If you Submit before turning that on, is there any way to get in and set it? When you Edit the quesiton, the option is no longer presented for change.
  3. Does anyone have a way to export the whole Inventory so that it can be then be tweaked and loaded into another platform that allows batch input?
  4. I want to group Menu items under one folder but I don't want the top level item to go anywhere. e.g. Shop Menswear Womenswear Kidswear In that example, Menswear, Womenswear and Kidswear would fly out when the cursor hovers on Shop but if you click on Shop nothing happens. How do I do this??
  5. This is a very common question here it seems. We have not found any way to do it and we are about ready to quit because of the hassle of setting-up and then maintaining hundreds of products that basically will only have a stock count of 1
  6. We want exactly the same thing - we are looking at 100+ products, each having one of two or three styles of Additional Info. The only way we have done it is to create 'Template' products that are hidden and then duplicate them to add new products. This is still a lot of work but at least the Additional Info is consistent (until we want to change it and then we have to go into all 100+ items and change them). A batch 'entry' and 'update' would be such a time saver.
  7. re " I'm interested in knowing how regularly Squarespace adds functionality to its platform." I believe that SquareSpace support directs all responders to say "this a great idea and I have passed it on to our Development Team for inclusion in future release". I have yet to see ANY incremental changes in the platform. There are really obvious things missing in the Commerce (filtering products on a Product page; Product appearing on more than one Product Page; the 'add a gift for purchases over xxx'; Inability to customize Gift Card notices; etc.). We are also almost at the end of our tether - we spend all our time trying to think of workarounds for things that the platform should support (we are not asking for anything revolutionary). It is a hassle to change but we feel that without Squarespace showing any desire to improve the Commerce options, we will run into one brick wall after another until we find we have to move anyway. Better to take the pain now.
  8. We want to be able to send our company-specific emails to purchasers of Gift Cards so that they have an alternative to the very bland Squarespace-provided notice (which you cannot customize). Unfortunately, we cannot do it because Squarespace does not display the actual Gift Card number on the order or in the Gift Card reporting. I have no idea why (Gift Cards are not covered by PCI and are hardly more sensitive than Personal Info which is displayed all the time). Has anyone found a way to get the actual Gift Card numbers that have been assigned?
  9. Squarespace does not allow a purchaser to apply a Discount Code when they checkout to buy a Gift Card. This is very limiting (we wanted to do special offers like "Buy a $25 Gift Card for $10". Has anyone found a way around this?
  10. We have had to work around a lot of Squarespace limitations to achieve product filtering, related products and a few other things. So far we have not had to code anything. We would really appreciate your feedback on the shop and any suggestions for improvements. Feel free to critique the rest of the site as well if you want. www.justgoodjuju.com/shop
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