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  1. Hi @colin.irwin, thanks for the response. I tried to do this but nothing is happening, perhaps I am missing something. I created a text block and found the block id using the extension, and have put the above code in the custom CSS section, but it is not affecting the individual paras, only the first line vw is affecting the whole block. How do I get it to change each para? Do I need to do something else?
  2. Hello. I am using code blocks so that I can customise, format and size my text in different areas throughout my website, without it affecting the general style of the website on a whole. I am not a fan of the general text box because I can not customise the text exactly how I want it. For example I do not want my H1, H2 or H3 titles to be really big, but I do want some text on my website to be bigger or styled differently in certain areas to stand out and grab attention, which is why I am using the code blocks. However, I am finding that the code blocks are not scaling correctly for mobile.
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