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  1. I'm using the basil template (part of Brine family). My social icons that are set in the navigation (template standard option) do not appear when in mobile view. I need css code to make social icons appear in mobile view (either on homepage, which is parallax scrolling homepage or in the navigation mobile drop down hamburger/lines). Any assistance appreciated! www.thefatdonkey.com
  2. @tuanphan can you help me do the same in the Basil template? My menu page at www.thefatdonkey.com.
  3. I am using the Basil template. On mobile view it is cropping my page banners (NOT concerning the parallax home page/index pages, but all other pages accessibly by navigation tabs). I'd like help writing CSS code to allow page banners to show full height. Example page below: https://thefatdonkey2020.squarespace.com/locations password: Donkey Any assistance appreciated!
  4. @tuanphan can you help to keep banner image the same height (or larger than its' default crop) when in mobile view?? https://thefatdonkey2020.squarespace.com Password: DONKEY
  5. @lu.diehl is there a CSS code for hiding banner images on regular pages (mobile view) that are NOT index pages?
  6. @christyprice It worked perfectly in Basil! Thank you!!
  7. @LucyBrookes I have (2) locations that I'm including separate addresses to in my footer. I'd like to include social blocks under each addresses that would link to each locations unique facebook page url. BOTH are included side-by-side in the footer, but I want to add CSS if possible to redirect one link to a different facebook page. Any assistance appreciated!! https://thefatdonkey2020.squarespace.com
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