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  1. Site URL: https://livingwithhopecounseling.com/ I'm trying to add an audio block in the footer of a website, and when it's played, it will keep playing when people navigate to other pages on the website. This seems possible with AJAX, and I enabled AJAX loading on the site. I like the simplistic format of the regular Squarespace audio block, so it would be nice to use that, but make it persistent across the site. I tried to go into code inspection on the site, to try to copy the audio block in html, apply some kind of persistent container to it (which I found here: https://tritondigita
  2. No, I've maxed out the size of the logo just in the site styles page with the slider, but haven't been able to make the logo any bigger than that using custom css.
  3. sorry, it's a trial site: https://okra-wolf-ef3l.squarespace.com/ with password 1111
  4. Hi, I am using the Basil Template, and my logo is kind of long, so when it is set to the max amount of 320px, it still isn't very big. I've looked up how to do custom logo size via custom css, but that doesn't seem to be working. I did this in the custom css section, with enormously large numbers, and it didn't do anything to the logo size: .site-title img { max-height: 1000000px; max-width: 4000000px; } Does the Basil template not support custom css logo sizes, or am I doing something wrong?
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