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  1. Agreed, it's a limitation that will slow current transition of a website, but it will totally block transitioning the 2 others I have warming up. While I understand that there is a ton of great development coming out of Squarespace to enable robust eCommerce features, this really needs to get some focus sooner than later to enable a wider audience to sell on the Squarespace platform. Hoping support can carry this into dev and see what can be done. Thanks for the response !
  2. We've hit a problem with shipping options that is causing concern regarding transitioning our site to Squarespace. Specifically, we have several products that cannot be shipped via Express/Next Day due to shipping restrictions (like flammable goods, say colongne that contains an alcohol base, or glue/solvent). Right now, the only option I seem to have is to remove Express/Next Day Shipping from the entire site, which is not going to work. Over 80% of our products can ship via any means, and removing the option completely will lead to customer dis-sat and decline in sales. Having the option on,
  3. Hey farski, I've been able to tackle this issue through API automation. To extract the Inventory ID for the specific products ordered, you need to pull the Order from the Order API and parse the result, specifically (per order row), look at '{lineItems}{<index>}{id}'. I use Python to loop through the products and flatten the structure before import into our backend system, so i do not use the <index> field, I just throw it into a loop that hands me the list of items and I parse the fields I want. Once you have the lineItem ID, you can send that through the Inventory API,
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