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  1. Hi, I've used the forum once before and it was extremely helpful! I'm using the York template and I am trying to change the background color of the footer. It doesn't seem to be a feature, could anyone help me with the CSS? This is the website link: https://clownfish-mauve-jds9.squarespace.com/ password: beatrice Thanks so much!
  2. You're a dream! Thanks so much! One last question, I've tried to replace "contact" with "services" which is the one I would actually like to be linked, but I just loose the button? Thanks again,
  3. This is the url: https://clownfish-mauve-jds9.squarespace.com I'm using it as a sample website at the moment. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here! I'm trying to add a button in the main navigation menu, unfortunately I am using York and that feature is not supported. I have found some custom CSS in another forum post but unfortunately doesn't work on York. I've attached an image of what I mean, I would like a similar button like the "subscribe" button in the attachment. Could anyone help? I'm absolutely new to CSS so I would really appreciate some help! Thanks
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