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  1. Yes those two ! ok to the check out page.
  2. Hey TuanPhan, So everything worked like a charm only problem is the rest of the shop is still the main color which is black, which means when you click on product it becomes black and the checkout of the shop is also black. I guess that needs code too?
  3. Wauuuvvvv thanks!! Can i donate.. Thanks!😀
  4. Hey Tuanphan, thanks a lot. But I'm not sure where to imbed the code for it to work. I tried the Page header code injection. ?
  5. https://www.lucdelaluc.com/shop
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie at this:- )How do you change the background color to white. Only on your store-site. I have changed the general color of the whole site to black, but I need my store's background color to be white. i was told only custom code could do this. The best, Kristian.
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