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  1. Yes, just need simple white and black versus black and white 😉 I saw some purposes but it was working with device settings... I just want to click on a moon icon to switch in black and white and invert like in example, Many thanks
  2. Hello Paul, I have an example here http://www.cyrildosnon.com/#work I know it isn't sqarespace, but i thought it was possible to switch dark/light mode with a button like the moon/sun one on this website Thank you
  3. Hi Tuanphan, Thank you for the answer! i'm sad, I thought it was just easy manipulation, switching white background to black, and black font to white... ++
  4. Hello, I am using Wexley template and I want to know how to use css passing white to dark mode with a simple button? Anyone could help me? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi Everybody, Do you know how can we have a very simple slideshow lightbox when i click on an image ? ( I don't want to open a gallery on a new page, i just want to have it in a lightbox ) ( with Wexley template particulary ) Thanks a lot! Ulysse.
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