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  1. It may just be a list limitation in the code of the template? I don't know how to alter the source code...
  2. Hi - still can't seem to correct it? I've included a screenshot above of how looks...
  3. Any ideas? I can't see an obvious way to correct it? Thanks!
  4. my laptop - it's the same in safari or chrome - I have attached a screen shot showing how the text crouds over the drop downs further down the list
  5. Yes: https://www.marisagarnerassociates.com Thank you!
  6. Hi - In the navigation menu, when I click on the first drop down, the text at the bottom of the list crowds over the other drop down items. I have attached a pic for reference - is there anyway I can increase the length of the dropdown box for these items only (it's a long list!)
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