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  1. The video container should have options so that you can define the some of the standard video formats that are available on popular media , content creators etc. 16:9 / 9:16 / 1:1 / 4:3 / 3:4 Is that such a complex request for the Video module to be implemented by Squarespace? Hope some moderators do watch the spaces so this issue gets resolved natively.
  2. The problem is now the grey overlay of the video container. I am not sure how to edit that at the moment.
  3. Hello , So from what i understand you have to work on each video separately. So i got the Chrome extension that shows the IDs of all the items on the page and for each vertical video i will have to create a new CSS entry. It might be a different way that is more efficient but am a complete noob on CSS i only find the resources. Here's a snip of what i used hope it helps: //Code for Vertical videos// #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1686672595487_1473.video-block .video-player {padding-bottom: 120% !important;} #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1686842161117_17601.video-block .video-player {padding-bottom: 120% !important;}
  4. Hello , So from what i understand you have to work on each video separately. So i got the Chrome extension that shows the IDs of all the items on the page and for each vertical video i will have to create a new CSS entry. It might be a different way that is more efficient but am a complete noob on CSS i only find the resources. Here's a snip of what i used hope it helps: //Code for Vertical videos// #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1686672595487_1473.video-block .video-player {padding-bottom: 120% !important;} #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1686842161117_17601.video-block .video-player {padding-bottom: 120% !important;}
  5. Hello , I have made a topic about it , trying to keep this info into one forum post. If you can help with your css knowledge it would be amazing. Also maybe some admin should pin one of these because indeed vertical , square videos are , for better or worse, a standard now for social media. So I am sure this would be a very requested topic.
  6. After looking into some of the solutions it seems that the best practise would be to target each video of the website individually. However there are still some issues that i hope some clever CSS wizard can edit. The issue is that even though the container can almost match the video's dimensions there is a gradient ramp with grey colour on the bottom in order to show the video controls. Is this gradient editable? Can it be removed?
  7. Please i need some help on handling vertical AND horizontal video. A way to contain both formats 16:9 and 9:16 on one page. https://clover-vanilla-t98p.squarespace.com/excercitatio pass: testing I hope Squarespace is watching this space , it makes NO sense in 2023 trying to place a video in your website and having to sieve through CSS solutions that sometimes work sometimes no... There are countless creators that produce content on 16:9 , 9:16 , 5:4 , 1:1. The video container should have the basic video needs of today's media. The whole direction of social media platforms is heavily based on vertical media and we are trying still to find workarounds on one of the most premium website build platforms worldwide. There should be some kind of toggle or selection for the video container that dictates format.
  8. Can you share some info about this workaround on vertical videos please? Its June 2023 and this issue is still not fixed at all.
  9. this is such a big issue how is Squarespace not resolving this? We have vertical videos for many years now and many creators have both vertical and horizontal videos because of course MANY times a project will have both. I have both format videos on a page and its not clear at all how to actually resolve this. The chrome extension doesn't seem to show the IDs so i can try some of the solutions proposed here. We live in a world were vertical video is here to stay , come on Squarespace give us some kind of toggle within the video container!! Can anyone help? I will have this issue on several pages so if there is a solution i will follow it... https://clover-vanilla-t98p.squarespace.com/excercitatio pass: testing
  10. Hi Tuanphan, after looking a bit into the functionality of a pop up contact form , I think I will opt out with the anchor point solution. From my understanding you are running a risk of not working properly when users have pop up blockers or on mobile phone browsers. So I though I will keep the solution as is now. Thank you so much for your help though you helped also on other issues I had in the past.
  11. Ok lets give it a try i will place the form on the footer, i don't mind the sqsptheme plugin but i only need it for this detail so it's a bit much to justify the price... I did an anchor link to the footer as an alternative solution but if you want to give it a try... You can have a look. my site is https://clover-vanilla-t98p.squarespace.com/ pass: testing
  12. Ok i will give it try and write here just in case someone has the same issue.
  13. Hello everyone, I am trying to get the contact pop up form to be linked with a navigation link on the website so you can sent an email from any point in the website. Its also a nice way to not have a dedicated contact page. I have made a non-linked page that has the pop up inside however I dont know how that form can be linked to the navigation. Has anyone tried it before?
  14. any help would be appriciated i can't find a solution to scaling down the paragraph proportionally. 😅
  15. Posting another 3 examples , you can see on the chrome tool the width of the page. Paragraph is behaving so randomly i don't understand. It gets bigger in the mid resolution size (mid photo) , gets very small proportionally (3rd photo).
  16. The paragraph rescaling font sizes is driving my crazy i need help 🧐 I have P1 that somehow is getting bigger when I resize the width of the browser! which doesn't make any sense to me. It seems to be resizing at random widths, somewhere around 2200-2700px it gets bigger before it starts to get smaller proportionally. I have tried with CSS to limit the sizes but when i try to scale this parameter of course all paragraphs are affected. I tried also to scale down in Pixel width sections (ie 1800-2600px) with the p.sqsrte-large { font-size:3rem!important } still no consistency. It gets bigger "halfway into scaling" before it gets smaller. Any helpy would be greatly appreciated am lost as to why this is happening... pass: Designsuite
  17. Yes i tried doing different layouts for mobile and desktop. It was some kind of bug that i haven't found the solution , its not there anymore without me changing any code. Strange but at the moment it works ok.
  18. I have an issue with the mobile site that i don't see on the desktop site. There is a block of light green background that doesn't appear on desktop, I cant move the footer higher or somehow remove this part of the mobile site. Not sure why its appearing there. (photos attached) If i make the first section longer it hides the light green space but the footer doesn't come up to meet lower edge of the section. Any help / suggestion would be appreciated am lost.
  19. Hi Ziggy it seems so simple now but when you are a newbie on CSS its not easy to figure out. Thank you so much it did work! 🙂
  20. Hello everyone, I am trying to align the navigation links with the lower limit of the page's logotype. Is there anyway to do this? It seems that the vertical alignment/position of the navigation links is not controlled via any of the options that we have on 7.1. https://chimes-manatee-mtaw.squarespace.com/ pass: Acres
  21. Ok I manage to do it I think I am not sure. .item-pagination-title { display:none; } .item-pagination-link .item-pagination-prev-next { display: block !important; } .item-pagination-link .item-pagination-prev-previous { display: block } .item-pagination-link .item-pagination-prev-next { display: block !important; font-size: 15px; font-family: "aktiv-grotesk" text-transform: uppercase; } .item-pagination-link .item-pagination-prev-previous { display: block !important; font-size: 15px; font-family: "aktiv-grotesk" text-transform: uppercase; } is this the right way?
  22. Is Hi Christyprice Is there a way to use the predefined font families of the page? As in heading 1 , heading 3 etc ? I tried to add it somehow but am new on CSS so I am not doing it right. .item-pagination-link .item-pagination-prev-next { display: block !important; font-size: 15px; font-family: ?? text-transform: uppercase; }
  23. Has anyone manage to get Title and description on the 7.1 templates? I have tried these above solutions with no luck up to now... 😕
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