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  1. Ok thanks so much. That worked. my mistake. Thanks for all your help 🙂
  2. nope it is already disabled, so this is frm something else. strange.
  3. Thank you so much, finally things look great! appreciate it. Only problem I see is that now there is a black bar above just the homepage i cant get rid of ? Every other page seems fine
  4. Wow thank you that did in fact work, Although I was hoping only to remove it from the home page and not the entire website. Is this possible?
  5. under the advanced tab in The Page section/Home/Gear icon/Advanced/Page header code injection
  6. These did not change anything for me. I can use <style>#header {display:none}<header> to remove the entire header, but nothing else seems to work when I put in those codes in. Is there something Im writing wrong? I copied and pasted and tried many variations of that
  7. Im trying to remove the navigation menu from my home page but leave the logo at the top. I can only find answers on removing the entire header along with it, I need to be able to leave the logo untouched. Any solutions? Using the Bedford template
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