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  1. Hello i am desperately trying to move my logo to the left (instead of my hamburger icon i would like to click on the logo and the menu drop down) i am using the fulton template. If this is not possible even just to align the logo to the left. I also want the logo to be a different colour on the home page as it is on all the other pages (white on home page black or other colour on the rest) I have been trying for days at my last resort. thank you to anyway who can help
  2. HELLO there 🙂 @tuanphan I saw this and i am also looking to do the same but in the Fulton template. I would like the logo to be the navigation.. you click on it and the menu drops down.. so basically replacing the hamburger icon with my PNG logo . on mobile anddd desktop... is this possible at all 🙂 THANK YOUUUU! oh here is my website - https://bumblebee-lilac-arkh.squarespace.com/config/design
  3. Hello! does anyone know how to do this for the lange template? https://duck-blackbird-9tyl.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css here is my site. i'm looking to make the navigation drop down folders background transparent :) thank you
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