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  1. Sorry, I already added the code for the whole page. Check the page again (and screenshot). I mean the "Back to products" on top of the picture. My main problem: I have a SHOP-Landing page (https://ckritzeltshop.com/) where I have an overview/gallery of all the product CATEGORIES. If I view the Calendar 2020 (https://ckritzeltshop.com/products/calendar-2020) and click on the "Back to products" link, it leads me to ALL my products. But I want that people go back to the CATEGORIES-Page eg. Landing Page. Best solution for me would be to link the "back to products" button on top of the picture to the landing page for both products, Calendar and Tattoo Certificate (https://ckritzeltshop.com/products/tattoo-certificate-permission). {or: disable the "Back to Products" button on both products and put a custom link like the one you see on the bottom}
  2. Thank you for your quick answer! I found the ID (see screenshot) and put it in the Custom CSS box like this (see screenshot). But it is not working. What did I do wrong?
  3. Hey 🙂 Can I use this only for one product or can I only apply this to all products in the template design? Thanks to you!
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