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    ManonLarrieu reacted to entrepreneuress in Fluid engine is trash   
    Personally I really like fluid engine, and my websites look amazing as a result. My only two issues I'd like to see refined are:
    - Blocks do shift when I edit other ones. I've been able to work around this, but I worry for my template buyers who may not be as confident in manipulating the blocks, nor understand why that's happening.
    - I would like to see more control over mobile breakpoint / tablet view or another way to ensure that someone with a small laptop and who does not have a full-screen window open won't see a strange version of the site. Ideally there would be a setting that shrinks site width proportionally and locks in formatting as window gets shrunk until a mobile breakpoint is triggered.
    I appreciate Squarespace, and their updates, and really don't think such extreme backlash is warranted. If you can't work with the platform, spend this energy improving your skills instead. 
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    ManonLarrieu reacted to tuanphan in Horizontal scroll switch to vertical   
    Thank you. But it seems complicated beyond my ability.
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    ManonLarrieu got a reaction from tuanphan in Horizontal scroll switch to vertical   
    Hi @tuanphan did you manage to access the website with the updated address and password ?

    Let me know
    Cheers 😃
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    ManonLarrieu reacted to Jleebz in Snap scroll CSS on index page   
    Bringing this back from the dead. What other values are there other than "start"? I've tried this code and it does work, just need to work on positioning. I'd like the scroll-snap to "start" at the top of the page, then snap down to right below the "arrow" on the homepage.
    URL: joshlebowitz.com
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    ManonLarrieu got a reaction from tuanphan in Calendar color customization   
    @tuanphan Oh my ... ! Thanks a lot, it works perfectly ! I can't believe I spent hours trying to figure out/find the code.

    Have a great Sunday, you rock  👊

    PS: Also agree, the gold color for desktop color is not an option. I prefer the focus to be on the drawing/images ! I am gonna monitor the website performance to see if those dark colours still works on visitors /  clicking behaviours.


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