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  1. @tuanphan Hey ! Just back from another work trip. It works ! Looking forward to finishing my new website very soon. You are a legend, thanks a lot !!!!
  2. Hello @tuanphan Sorry for the late reply, I was on a business trip thus I didn't touch my website at all. OK so I deep dived into it again and : - I fixed the image & text position on tablet and cellphone >> Problem : the text is still not rotating when I visit my website on Chrome, meanwhile I can see it rotate in my squarespace editing window. >> Other MASSIVE problem affecting all my website : I can still scroll on the far right of my website when I am on desktop & mobile view. I am not sure how to fix it. Maybe while playing with that text / image position along
  3. Umm It's very strange : I tried to do the same on the french version of my website (www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/french) using this code & of course swiping the #block-id but it's not working on tablet : The text is not fully displaying on the screen unlike on the English version you corrected. I keep rechecking my code, and I cannot find where the mistake is ... - I had to change the value for the left & padding top of your code on the French website. It doesn't really make sense to me as the text English / French are nearly similar For both version (english / french) I am
  4. Morning 👋 Sorry for my late reply, I was a bit offline 🙂 I just tried your code, it's amazing, the text is now perfect and my page display is all good on tablet. I am gonna use your technique to fix my desktop / mobile view !
  5. Site URL: http://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/english Hello ! I am currently fixing my about section and due to my specific design I did a lot of custom css tweaks for desktop / tablet / mobile view : 1. The round picture with rotating circle along with my bio looks OK on desktop & cellphone as I customized it. 2. On tablet : the space is very narrow thus I am trying to position my round picture (with the rotating text) above my text section. now it looks like my text section at the bottom is still squeezed between invisible margins (?) I would like my text box to take the "full
  6. Hello ! Yes, so I tried to fix it on my own in the meantime and moved the section on my website. Sadly I haven't succeed to fix everything I wanted ... Here is where I am right now: www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/english The section is just below my "about section" that I am also trying to fix. - So arrows are still a bit on my text / boxes - The "box" size is not fixed and equal because the blog title have different length - The most annoying part is on tablet / cellphone : I would like to display only 2 (tablet) and 1 box (cellphone) on the screen and let people scroll throught the
  7. Site URL: http://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/new-index-1 Member 3 30 posts Posted yesterday at 10:28 AM (edited) Site URL: https://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/new-index-1 Hello ! I am trying to create a summary carousel of my blog posts. I have several issues: - The arrow I styled disappear when I try to position them at 50px from the top & bottom. I just changed the position to 20px & 30px in my coding so you can see the arrows I am talking abo
  8. Hey 👋 Actually I did find a solution : I put back the code in my custom CSS and I discovered that I can use the same code to target different pages by simply doing this : #partenaire-2, #new-page-4 { background: #f0c4b2; overflow: visible; &:before { content: ''; width: 100%; height: 100px; top: 0; left: 0; background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a5e3c50a9db09fc9c1233de/t/5fc4c62a3c02f22b9da32e1a/1606731306701/1stwavepinkabout.png); background-size: contain; background-repeat: repeat-x; background-positi
  9. Yes, my custom area CSS is getting full : >> as I injected my css coding for my nav. over there, I thought I could move all my css coding to "my individual page" (if that makes sense). >> Maybe I should leave it in the custom area then ? Could I, if I don't have enough line of code left, combine it in a "file" and upload it on my website ? You see I have 2 versions of my website eng. / fr. which means I have to repeat the exact same codes twice that's how I reached my coding limit.
  10. Awww actually false alert. I did write <style> instead of script but it's not working : <style> [data-nc-element="primary-nav"]{ display:none; } .Mobile-overlay-nav--primary { display:none; } </style> <style> #partenaire-2 { background: #f0c4b2; overflow: visible; &:before { content: ''; width: 100%; height: 100px; top: 0; left: 0; background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a5e3c50a9db09fc9c1233de/t/5fc4c62a3c02f22b9da32e1a/1606731306701/1stwavepinkabout.png); background-size: contain; backgro
  11. Site URL: http://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/new-index-1 Hey Hey Squarespace Community 👋 I hope you had a great week-end. I am currently editing my website and fixing some awful bugs*. On my website I use "Wave dividers". The issue is as I am evolving and learning about coding, I am founding new techniques to create these waves. Currently, all my "waves" are just uploaded background images which is not working well across different devices. >> I finally found a good technique to get it done, however, I would like to inject that CSS code in my "advanced header code injection on t
  12. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply ! Well I am still on version 7.0 (Brine family). I see what you mean. Well for now, I am still in the planning design phase as I am looking to update my website for 2021 with new digital products. I want to change my display & copywriting to increase my sales & have more retention. I am currently looking at all my website flaws and see what kind of new elements could work to have a better selling funnels. I think if I find great design ideas I might contract someone to implement it for me ! It's getting to complicate for me ! Thanks a lot, I
  13. Hello Everyone ! I have an odd question before I start to get obsessed & deep dive into coding : I came across some beautiful elements on Tympanus website just like this one : https://github.com/codrops/CrossroadsSlideshow/ Is there a way, we can add these types of elements within Squarespace ? Or maybe it's not mean for Squarespace at all. I used to buy some customs elements on webshops & I would get a tutorial telling me how to insert some codding or files into my website. I remember some required to do some advanced manipulation but to be honest I've never fully done it on
  14. Site URL: https://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com Hello everyone ! Hope you had a fine week so far. I have been postponing on creating my blog area and I finally decided to get it done. I have two minor coding issue so far: www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/blog-articles-eng/engtemplate 1. Image card As you can see at the bottom of my blog template page, I am trying to create 2 images card that will refer to my newest and oldest post. - I would love to get the title and subtitle white, however I am unable to make the change appear. - I want my text alignment to match my picture. For the left i
  15. Haaaa ! That's actually very clever, I remember following a tutorial that was uploading javascrip & css as a file ! I might have to take a look how I can do that on my scale ! That would be brilliant if I can file & upload all my css, thanks !
  16. Site URL: http://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/english Hello everyone ! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stressing Sunday evening for me, trying to finish up my website. My website is available in English & French ( www.qualitycupofcoffee.com ). The english version in my primary navigation and the french one in the secondary navigation. I did not use a translation plugin as both sites are offering different services & courses depending on the local & international market. Short story long, I did a LOT of custom CSS DYI and I to do it x2 most of the time. Last night, I got a
  17. It works !! It's pretty amazing, thanks ! Same I used to have "square" logo there but this I changed to my rectangle one, the footer area went all cray cray.
  18. Site URL: https://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/consulting Hello, Adding the final touch of my website, I am facing an issue with my footer. I added an image in my footer (which is my logo). When I am editing it, everything seems fine however when I visit the page the width of the image drastically change making it unable to see the full image. https://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/consulting Do you have any ideas why ? It was happening before I added the "floating effect". Thanks, Manon
  19. Ah yes ! I am finishing to code few pages, and I am going to upload back the pictures / screenshots I took from the video for the mobile version !
  20. It works, thanks ! I tried to code something similar but I think got tricked by adding a space between the " . " Thanks a lot😀
  21. Oh my god ! I didn't spot that side problem on mobile. It's probably due to my button position, I just have to bring it back to the middle of the box and it should be fixed. -> I removed the "grey color" which makes it confusing so you can see what problem I am trying to "hide". You see my white background colour is not appearing at the bottom. It's like it can't go above the pink colour ...
  22. Hello everyone ! I am almost done with my website, super thrilled about that. I still have a few issues regarding my section overlay : https://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/english It concerns the 2nd Overlay "Consulting" for the consulting box. I created a "page" for my text box that I tried to overlay on the previous section. It works fine for the top of the box (white background) however the background colour of my page is hidden under the background colour of the next section (pink). I really want to have the full section in white. I am struggling to make the half bottom of the box com
  23. Hello Tuanphan, Sorry for the late reply, I just log-in today. After spending a lot of time struggling I decided to give up on that idea and I went for another type of display which turns out awesome !🙂
  24. Site URL: http://www.qualitycupofcoffee.com/french Hello everyone ! I am having a hard time coding stuffs. I trying to align the metadata (tags & categories) of my summary block on the same line as my blog title : - I created a summary blog for my course calendar ( id=floatsection ) that overlay on my previous banner. I am trying to align my metadata tags (date) & category (price) with my title (course name). I would like to display everything on the same line as follows : (secondary metadata) tags - Title - Primary metadata category. However I cannot bring up the tags &
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