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  1. Can anyone provide me some insight? Today a customer contacted me as she was about to pay for shipping on my site and it was over $25. I went onto Shipstation and using the same exact info as on my site, it was SIGNIFICANTLY less money. I contacted Shipstation and they didn't have an answer stating it was up to the various shipping companies but that didn't answer the issue. I don't want to be gauging customers on shipping and didn't realize there was that much of a cost difference until she pointed it out. Any advice/help would be welcomed.
  2. Did you ever figure out what was going on with your issue? I have been having the same problem and keep having to resend the Order Confirmations to customers. Thanks.
  3. https://caterpillar-harp-pk73.squarespace.com/checkout
  4. Am I supposed to copy the code "Simple-Ajax-Uploader" and paste that somewhere too? Sorry, I don't understand. All I initially did was copy the following: <script src="//uploader.squarewebsites.org/sqs-form-upload.min.js"></script>" and then changed the settings for the max size etc, not any other code so maybe I did it wrong and not copy code I was supposed to. If I am supposed to copy the other code, where do I paste that? In a header on my PAGES/SHOP or do I paste it GLOBALLY? If so, what page do I paste that on? Do I need to put something in a middle footer? Thank you very much. Any advice anyone can provide would be so welcomed. As you can see, I am a newbie and so confused and frustrated 😞
  5. Thanks for getting back to me, but sorry, i don't follow. I added your code to the header and to the footer top block. Do I need to add it to the footer middle block too? Is that what you mean? Thanks so much!
  6. Thank you SO much! This is great and I am thrilled. I think I have done something wrong however and I can't get it to work. I am not code saavy: and totally clueless 😞 FileField;MaxSize=1024;Multiple;addText=Upload_Photos/Images; But I don't even see the form options on the right similar to your example. I have refreshed and still see the upload Files field. I also had instructions I wanted to include for the upload and not sure where to put it)... It actually looks really messy now 😞 Thanks so much.
  7. I am hoping to get some help. Until yesterday I had just a basic site and used a zoho form for orders but wanted to incorporate my orders through Squarespace. have created my Products page which is currently in unlinked but my main issue is, once customers place their items in the cart (or even before, I don't care), I need for them to upload images. I have create a new form in Wufoo and have the code (and created a page w/the same name as my Products page currently under my Home that has this form) and basically want this to appear when they place the order or click a button or try to checkout. I am finding I can't add a block below my products but above the footer which would have been ideal so don't know how to do this to get it to work. Any advice would be so very welcomed. Thanks.
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