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  1. Hi! What is the best approach to designing a site for a client? I want to be able to hand over the site in full once complete - should I create a new ID in the client's name or can I build from my own profile and transfer later? Any other tips for a first-client designer? Thanks, Joe
  2. @AThompson_social, to change the font color, follow the guidance from @lu.diehl but target 'Header-nav-item' rather than 'Header'.
  3. Site URL: https://earthlycraft.co Hello! So i'd really like to implement the multi speed parallax styles available in rellax.js; https://dixonandmoe.com/rellax/ Anyone had any success with this? I found some guidance within https://www.minimist.ca/articles/variable-speed-parallax-effects-in-squarespace, but no matter what i do to the inline code nothing seems to change Thanks! Joe
  4. Hey @christyprice Thank you so much for this! Great workaround thats done exactly what I wanted it to! That's some outside the box thinking right there...great stuff! It has presented a bit of a problem though, in that I still don't know how to call the banner image. The container for the image is too darn small and it just cuts off the edges top and bottom of any image I put there....so the bigger zoom image idea isn't working perfectly, yet. If you have any ideas on this code do let me know! So far, without joy, i've tried .sqs-block-html , .sqs-block-image, .sqs-block-html , .sqs-block-markdown blockquote, .image-block-outer-wrapper:not(.image-block-v2) .intrinsic .image-block-wrapper img and I just cant get that container to move.
  5. Hello! So my site is https://earthlycraft.co/ It's almost there... but i cant work one thing out. How to change one of my banner hero images for mobile. It looks great on desktop however its too small on mobile, so i have another logo ready thats zoomed right in that i'd like to use for mobile only. I've added the file in design > custom css > manage custom files so i can use the link to the file I'm fairly familiar with media queries but i don't know the code to change the banner. When I inspect I get this code: .sqs-block-image .image-block-outer-wrapper:not(.image-block-v2) .intrinsic .image-block-wrapper img Therefore i'm going for something along the lines of: @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) {.sqs-block-image .image-block-outer-wrapper:not(.image-block-v2) .intrinsic .image-block-wrapper img {background image: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d00032088447c0001487495/t/5dcdc90c40062f0cf29e9ddc/1573767446853/mobilelogo.png;}} Help would be much appreciated!! Cheers!!
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