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  1. Mobile only, on desktop it is already fixed in the design option.
  2. Site URL: http://etrenoir.net Hi I want to hide my logo on mobile view. website: etrenoir.net
  3. Hi, I inverted my logo and it works fine on desktop, but on my phone it isn't showing up. I'm using this code: <style> .Header-branding-logo { filter: invert(1); } </style> My website: etrenoir.net
  4. Hi, I want to change my hover underline colour on a specific page to black, is there someone who can help me out? I want to change the colour on my About page to black My website: etrenoir.net I'm currently using this code for my hover underline: header nav a:hover:after{ transform: scaleX(1); } header nav a:after { display:block; content: ''; border-bottom: solid 1.5px #FFFFFF; transform: scaleX(0); transition: transform 250ms ease-in-out; z-index: 999; transform-origin :100% 50%; } }
  5. @tuanphan unfortunately not, the Hamburger icon is still not centered with the letter logo it is a bit too high on mobile.
  6. @tuanphan do you maybe got an idea, I saw that you fixed the code of changing into 'menu' instead of the normal hamburger icon.
  7. Hi, I want to center my letterlogo on mobile with the index menu on the left, but I can't seem to make it work. Website: nickmoody.nl
  8. @colin.irwin Thanks I'll try it out, and keep you up-to-date if I got questions or anything. 🙂
  9. Hi, Is there a way to have just a certain amount of block(s) shown in mobile function that are normally shown on Desktop?
  10. @eclemons have you found out how to do it?
  11. @tuanphan Do you also know if it is possible to get the same background on the header? Or just the same background seamless on the header, main-background and footer. There seems to be a line between the pages. https://www.nickmoody.nl
  12. @tuanphan thanks for the help it worked! 🙂
  13. @tuanphan Hi, yes hereby the link https://www.nickmoody.nl/blog/test-text
  14. Hi, How does one change the background image on singular blog post, can't seem to make it work. Any ideas?
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