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  1. @melaniejaane I hired @Beyondspace to create custom code for this. You can see it working at nyf.org/grantees
  2. @tuanphan thank you so much, that works for the homepage, but it skews the interior image backgrounds/content up to be blocked by header. It works fine if I delete the first portion of the code you mentioned. Is it ok to use it without the article section:first-child piece? Do you know how to get the background image/slideshow to be cropped into the full size of the browser without any scrolling? It is working on standard desktop sizes, but as the browser gets taller or narrower, a lavender band appears between the image and the scrolling banner.
  3. @tuanphan Wondering about something similar for a client site. We want the image slideshow to be full-screen regardless of the browser size, without any scrolling. We have this working for some screen sizes, but not if the screen gets taller or smaller. We also want the scrolling banner to stick to the bottom of the homepage regardless of browser size. Currently the scrolling banner is a block in a section of the homepage (same section as the slideshow). We could potentially move it to footer if that is helpful, though not sure we want it to appear on every page. https://goose-ferret-j3rk.squarespace.com/ pw: smalls Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. @breathedotdesign Curious if you found any of this out? I had the same questions!
  5. @Beyondspace I got something to work temporarily, but would love a better solution. I am not sure how to set up more than one image, whether it should be background image, gallery, etc. What do you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  6. @beyondspace is it possible to do this on 7.1 with background image on homepage? Site is https://goose-ferret-j3rk.squarespace.com pw: smalls
  7. @tysonven curious if you were able to find a solution for this?
  8. Site URL: https://villageacupuncture.squarespace.com/treatments When I expand an accordion (Adjunct Therapies section), the text block next to it also gets pushed down. Does anyone know how to fix this? villageacupuncture.squarespace.com/treatments pw: va2022
  9. @Eleln It is maddening but glad you found this! Unplugging the tablet or working in Safari have been my only options so far. Wacom gave me lots of help but nothing worked. Squarespace just said what they always say "we're working on a fix for this." Drivers, updating privacy>accessibility settings, nothing worked. Apparently this is similar to touchscreen issues they're having, but not sure if they're making any progress. Good luck!
  10. @lh-cl-2021 It is so frustrating! Mine won’t work on any websites in my account, and my husband is experiencing the same thing—different computer, account and websites but also using Wacom Intuos. Updating the driver didn’t work for us. Spent an hour on the phone with Wacom yesterday testing different fixes including editing Privacy> Accessibility settings, but nothing helped. Squarespace says this is along the lines of issues they’re seeing with some touchscreens and are working on a fix, but it’s impossible to get any more info. Will keep you posted with any updates! In the meantime, safari or unplugging tablet works.
  11. On mine the whole header isn't disappearing, but the Save button does not drop down from the DONE after making edits. I have finally boiled this issue down to a conflict with using a Wacom Intuos tablet (connected to my laptop) to operate Squarespace in Chrome or Firefox. Save button does not appear when using tablet, but Save button functions normally while using laptop trackpad. Driver update didn't work, trying to solve with Squarespace and/or Wacom support now but hope this helps someone else avoid wasting tens of hours like I have! @Mangobanana @slackartillustration @Envision @makennaokeeffe Are any of you using a Wacom tablet by any chance?
  12. For others experiencing the issue where the Save button doesn't dropdown after making edits, my husband and I were both experiencing this with various different sites on separate computers and boiled it down to a conflict with using our Wacom tablets (instead of mouse or trackpad) to operate Squarespace in Chrome or Firefox. Save button does not appear when using tablet, but Save button functions normally while using trackpad. Driver update didn't work, not sure what the solution is now but hope this helps someone else avoid wasting tens of hours like I have! @michiel @georgie_f @Spacedog @MYC @sylte Are any of you editing on a Wacom tablet?
  13. @taylorwolfe @LanaiATX Curious if you have more info about how you solved this? The same thing is happening to me. I am wondering if it's custom code related and haven't been able to pinpoint the problem. Squarespace is also telling me they're working on it, but hard to know what is happening! I cannot save my work in Safari or Firefox.
  14. @bangank36 Thanks! I have categories displaying, but also hoping to display tags. On the site you can see I use tags for the year, and I'd love for those to show as well on the list page since I'm not actually going to be utilizing the individual post pages. This is currently in trial but will eventually be a business plan.
  15. @tuanphan I haven't! Do you have any ideas?
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