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  1. @tuanphan just need same style as h1, as a line of css i can add in
  2. Want to assign h1,h2, h3 to blog feed on blog entries. all type classes for blog can be edited but no ability to control their responsive behaviour? would essentially need: blog list title font - h1 blog excerpt font - h3 blog read more link - h3 using lange template. https://www.designsuite.com.au/insight any info would be much appreciated!
  3. that worked a treat @tuanphan thanks is there anyway i can make this text h1 class, so it behaves and looks the same as all other h1's across the site?
  4. Want to add content above blog feed on blog page. using lange template. https://www.designsuite.com.au/insight Can't seem to find any answers on this - would really appreciate some help!
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