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    747imh reacted to paul2009 in MultiLanguage Checkout web page   
    If you've built a site by manually adding languages, the bad news is that you cannot change the checkout page. It only appears in one language.
    If you were building a site in a multi-language site from scratch then one option is to build it in one language and then use Weglot to translate it into the other languages. This product uses DNS to translate the site content and it can also translate the Squarespace checkout.
    There's an article that explains how to integrate Weglot with Squarespace.
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    747imh reacted to jacauschi23 in Markdown block with drop-down text - page load issues   
    I have markdown blocks on multiple pages that utilize dropdown sections upon selection. For example, you click a title and then all the text for that title drops down, click the title again and all the text closes up.
    However, every time I am going to the page, before the page is fully loaded (for 1s), you can see all the drop-down text displayed. The drop-down text then closes up and becomes hidden once the page is fully loaded. How to resolve this issue? i.e., how to ensure the drop-down text is hidden from the start?
    Below is the embedded script code on each page that utilizes these dropdown sections.
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.markdown-block .sqs-block-content h3').css('cursor','pointer'); $(".markdown-block .sqs-block-content h3").nextUntil("h3").slideToggle(); $(".markdown-block .sqs-block-content h3").click(function() {$(this).nextUntil("h3").slideToggle();}); }); </script>
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    747imh reacted to colin.irwin in Share with WebMaster   
    If the webmaster will be installing custom code and/or css they will need Administrator permissions. 
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