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  1. ggsimba

    Order management

    Thank you for the tips! The arbitrary figure might be the best option!
  2. ggsimba

    Order management

    I have roughly 25 items, 10-15 of those having variants like shirt sizing (S-XXL) or color options.
  3. Hello, looking for some help on order/inventory management. We take orders on items we both have in stock and don't. From what I can tell squarespace does not support keeping an inventory in Squarespace yet still taking orders, which is fine, so I have everything set to unlimited inventory. What I would love to be able to do is take the export from squarespace and import it into something, like perhaps Access, then be able to enter my actual inventory then determine what product I need to order. Presently I am doing this with a Pivot table and a bunch of "getpivotdata" formulas which gets messy, especially when new items come up. Anyone out there have anything that may work for my needs, or do I basically need to try and learn Access to see if I can get what I need.
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