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  1. Site URL: https://collie-collie-pedb.squarespace.com/ Hi, My desktop version is perfectly cropped however on my mobile version of the "feet" is tottaly cropped! https://collie-collie-pedb.squarespace.com/ Pw: gkoustascare123
  2. https://collie-collie-pedb.squarespace.com/ pw: gkoustascare123 I think im using "colima"
  3. I tried in mozzila and chrome it works fine, are you sure you got it from his website? https://schwartz-edmisten.com/blog/how-to-add-parallax-to-squarespace-7-1 , anyways mabey its the template im using ? Its like they made 7.1 less compatible, which means we have to become fucking coders to do basic edits to the site...good luck!
  4. Guys if you go to his site he has an update, it worked fine for me man! Thanks @derricksrandomviews
  5. So I shouldnt even try it? I guess Ill wait for someone to reply. thanks!
  6. Hi, Is there any CSS coding or code injections for parallax scrolling in 7.1? Thanks @tuanphanor anyone else?
  7. Thanks again, In the navigation bar, When I hover over the navigation bar over one header, can the other headers get greyed out? like here : https://www.heenapatelpodiatry.com/holistic-treatments
  8. Hello Again, In the mobile version, how come if I drag the site left or right from anywhere on the site, the whole site moves, and u can see the padding etc. I want it to be stable and not dragable only be vertically scrollable and thats it. Do you know what I mean? E.g this is me draging it to the left.= and then it gets stuck there as well...
  9. Everything worked thank yo so much!! I know this is a different question, but ive added this css code: [data-section-id="5e73347bc0821f49f60360e0"] .image-block:hover img { filter: blur(6px) !important; } To blur the images in this specific section of the page. How can I remove the hover effect in mobile version for this section?
  10. To border left and right each word(content) ? Lastly how do I center the text in the dropdown menu so its not formated to be on the right of the dropdown box.
  11. Your a life saver man! Thank you so much. Last question, Is it possible within the dropmenu, 1) to have thin line borders around the content in the drop down menus, so theres a seperation/distinction between each page because there is quite a few pages in each dropdown (eachword)? 2)If so, High light the background color when hovering instead of the words changing color?
  12. Hi @tuanphan, In my drop down menu I have the css code to custimize size of the dropdown menu however I want the background to auto adapt to the texts size, is that possible? Because some page names are long and some short for example. do i have to edit each header tittle? if so how? https://collie-collie-pedb.squarespace.com/ pw: gkoustascare123
  13. Hi, The mobile version is not working! the 0 padding top and bottom! on the sides its fine tho
  14. Hi the desktop padding worked perfectly thank you so much! One last thing and im done... the top and bottom padding in mobile version did not work, Also I would love to donate for your services where can I do that? Thanks again for your patience
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