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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Should I use the Blog format? but what if the Portfolio element is updated? I need to commit now.
  2. Hi- I am trying to make a very small INFO icon to add to the end of text. I want this because I don't want the other text to link, only the icon seen here in bright green: (the site has not launched yet and is not live)
  3. My site is being developed but I ran into a problem. I was having issues with the breadcrumbs going to the wrong page so I exported my product (csv) cleared it out and attempted to import them. I downloaded the CSV template and used that (which was identical to the export too BTW) I am getting an error Saying no PRODUCT ID so Question-- can anyone help???
  4. What happened? I used this code (thank you) and it worked fine ...... until today. Why would that change all of the sudden? Now I have underlines in my footer only. UPDATE: Looks like it is text-decoration on the footer. #footer-sections a { text-decoration: none !important; }
  5. oooooo- the PAGE ID! ok. How do I identify that?
  6. Right- I understand that the footer is site-wide. But, the ID is the same throughout the site so I can't isolate it on the homepage---
  7. Site URL: https://mfas.squarespace.com/ I am trying to take a single section off of the footer on the homepage only. Using this... [data-section-id="604706d4c3ad2049426affe3"]{ display:none; } .... removes it from all pages. When I checked the section ID for the other pages--- it was the same number. How can I just target the homepage for this one section?
  8. Ok- thanks for trying. I am going another route. Here, I have just stacked : IMAGE TEXT DONATE BUTTON the donate button pops up and it is there you can add denominations and OTHER!
  9. so, is this set up correctly? meaning, you make a product page you can hide, then use summary to place it?
  10. I also tried the "custom form" which alerts the user after they hit- ADD TO CART button. not in love with that either
  11. exactly the problem, as you stated. The "other" option would be important for donations.....
  12. I am getting stuck when laying this site out. It is a site similar to the layout of this template: https://malone-demo.squarespace.com/ My client has farm animals she is asking for donations per animal. So I constructed it as an ecommerce site and added the animals as 'products'. Do I set the layout up on a hidden page? then place a SUMMARY where I would like to show the animal grid? (then I don't get a button) What is the best way to set this up? I have tried it all--- as 'donations' individually; summary block; product page..... Ideally- I would like the summary to have Donate buttons that tracks each animal, i.e.., "Donate for Philippe"
  13. Site URL: https://caterpillar-clarinet-l5fj.squarespace.com/config/ I'm having a problem with adjusting top and bottom padding on a container on my homepage. I tried everything. It's possibly the third child and I can't figure out the selector. It's not acting like a regular banner. (I am not sure if you can access the page since I am not live yet)
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