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  1. Site URL: https://www.kazimghafoor.co.uk/work Hi all, I wanted to add gaps between my photos on the work page of my website. It doesn't appear that I'm able to do this without some coding. Could anyone help? My website page is: https://www.kazimghafoor.co.uk/work To give an example of what I had in mind, I've attached another website page as an example: https://www.alexstrohl.com/photos The template I'm using is Flatiron Thanks very much for your help! Kazim
  2. Hey, Here's a link to my website: https://www.kazimghafoor.co.uk/ The template is Flat Iron
  3. Hello all! I'm currently in the process of designing my photography website and I've noted that there is too much of a gap between the header and slideshow on my home page. I'd very much like to have the image much higher than it is to avoid people from having to scroll down to see it. I'm also having the same problem with my 'About' section where there is too large a gap between the header and the textbox for 'About Me'. Having spoken to the Customer Support team, they said that I'd need to have some coding to reduce this gap. I'm pretty new to this all so was wondering if
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