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  1. Site URL: https://www.stemajourneys.com/travel-guides-by-stema

    Hi there folks, anyone knows how/if one can add a description paragraph between the categories and the actual products onto the product page of a site?

    I am currently using Brine 7.0 template.

    Also, if anyone wants to spare an accordion css code for the same page, I would be more than grateful (since I havent got a right answer from what has been written around this forum)


    crew SteMajourneys

  2. 5 minutes ago, colin.irwin said:

    I think the problem you are seeing is because the Browser View gadget for mobile/tablet can be flaky and also sites can look inconsistent when logged in to the editing interface. 

    The pages look ok when not logged in and on a normal browser. 

    Thank you for the swift reply, however this happens only on the blog entries (which are drafted for the moment being), not in this particular page/part of my website content! Any further thoughts?

  3. Hi there,

    I'm working on adding blog posts (not yet finished) to my site at www.stemajourneys.com.

    On the desktop/tablet version, breakpoints, padding, et all look OK, but there is no full visibility of each entry when on mobile view.

    Any ideas about that matter or even better could you please provide me with the right CSS code (not developer's mode)  to fix this issue?

    Thanks so much,


    image .png

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