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  1. Site URL: http://www.stemajourneys.com How to create a bilingual squarespace website in the best possible way for my future readers: In need of any extra tips - know the usual option to this by creating a cover page and then organise my content blah blah, as well as would be really thankful if anyone could offer me an idea of how much this bit could cost if hiring a developer doing it ... Thanx in advance & have a creative and healthy 2021 y' all! Maria
  2. Site URL: https://www.stemajourneys.com/travel-guides-by-stema Hi there folks, anyone knows how/if one can add a description paragraph between the categories and the actual products onto the product page of a site? I am currently using Brine 7.0 template. Also, if anyone wants to spare an accordion css code for the same page, I would be more than grateful (since I havent got a right answer from what has been written around this forum) Thanx crew SteMajourneys
  3. @evk_creates you are a css goddess and our personal fairy - issue fixed, let us know how we can be of any help www.stemajourneys.com
  4. On the image block caption (ie picture attached above) the first letter of the sentence is not readable on the mobile view of the site. Any ideas on this strange tweak?
  5. Site URL: https://www.stemajourneys.com/o-aetos-ton-madaron Does anyone have a clue why this might be happening? Thank you a bunch! SteMa
  6. Site URL: https://www.stemajourneys.com/eng-blog/wedding-photography-in-thessaloniki Can't add full description to Image Block captions. Any ideas?#
  7. Thank you for the swift reply, however this happens only on the blog entries (which are drafted for the moment being), not in this particular page/part of my website content! Any further thoughts?
  8. Hi there, I'm working on adding blog posts (not yet finished) to my site at www.stemajourneys.com. On the desktop/tablet version, breakpoints, padding, et all look OK, but there is no full visibility of each entry when on mobile view. Any ideas about that matter or even better could you please provide me with the right CSS code (not developer's mode) to fix this issue? Thanks so much, SteMa.
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