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    sanchez_77 reacted to paul2009 in Contact bar to lightbox forms, top of page   
    Instead of cluttering the top of every page with several contact links, it may be easier to provide a single link to a contact page using the standard announcement bar. On the contact page you can then provide attractive links to the different contact forms.
    To prevent the bar from being hidden by users you can hide the 'close' button. You can do this by adding some CSS to your site at Design > Custom CSS:
    .sqs-announcement-bar-close {   display: none; } Alternatively, a developer could code an alternative custom announcement bar very easily for you.
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    sanchez_77 reacted to colin.irwin in Contact bar to lightbox forms, top of page   
    This would require some custom JavaScript. It's achievable but it's beyond the scope of 'quick fix' solution.

    Actions would be:
    Either make announcement bar permanent or create a dedicated contact bar Add oncliick scripting so that clicking  contact bar links opens the relevant lightbox Make the content of the announcement / contact bar easily maintainable. Drop me a line if you want to discuss further. 
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