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  1. Could you fix this by taking out the padding above and below with code? I don't know CSS and I'm looking for the same solution. Anyone know how to achieve a full-width Instagram block in 7.1?
  2. @just want to make sure I understand: Are Adobe fonts part and parcel with 7.1? We don't have to insert our Typekit Ids anymore? I heard that Adobe is changing its policy that would affect designers using fonts for client projects, so I would like to be clear on this. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your response @brandon. I just hired someone to do it for me since learning CSS wasn't going to happen this week! I think i'ts a valuable skill to have as a Squarespace designer!
  4. Hi @AtelierDeux Were you able to figure out how to display the text to the left of the image? I've attached a screenshot with what I mean, but maybe the image and text would be flipped. I have used @brandon's code previously for the gallery overlay effect, but they want to keep the images clean. Would you mind sharing your solution? They only want the images like a gallery with descriptions, no text over images, no need to click anything else. Thanks! Linking to website in case someone could help: https://contrabass-caper-6l3w.squarespace.com/ password: demo **Please see work pages.
  5. @christyprice Thanks, Christy! I have that plugin but was hoping there was a client-friendly way to do this on sites. Another reason to stick with 7.0 for now 🙂
  6. Hello, trying to create testimonial slider via summary block in 7.1, like I used to do in 7.0. I know that you've recently been working on the blog to make editing easier, but is there a guide for this new version> I see the style options, but where can I add category, tags, featured image, etc.? One of SS's big strengths was making blogging easy for those who didn't want to do WordPress, so I hope that more advanced features are coming. But for now, can anyone help with the instructions, or give me a simple work-around? Maybe a plugin? TIA!
  7. Hello! You can add an affiliate link to image boxes, buttons, or even in-text. Amazon is (one of?) the only integrations for direct affiliate marketing, but you cna make it work with your own links through different content blocks.
  8. Similar problem trying to upload an html file to root domain for an affiliate program. Does anyone have an answer for this yet? TIA!
  9. Hello! Pardon me if this has already been asked before, but is there a way to move the navigation to the side instead of on top in 7.1, or to create a hamburger menu? I find the simple layout, though effective, is very restrictive in terms of creating original designs. Would I just CSS to style the navigation instead? I hope this is something that is going to be developed in the near future!
  10. I think you can still use a plugin like one from SQSP themes
  11. Thanks @paul2009 here's the site link: https://raspberry-recorder-lkas.squarespace.com/ PSWD: trialsite Basically, she wants all headings to be blue, whether they're on a basic page, product pages, or over an image. I tried CSS on the image block but maybe didn't use the right code?
  12. Hello! Please help if you know advance 7.1 styling or coding! I'm trying to customize my site's font colors in 7.1 . I've gone through the Site Styles and changed the color palette in the general Advanced section, and changed specific items in the Customize section of specific "sets". Also tried deselecting the current theme in sections to have it take on the global style. But no matter what I do, I can't change all the font colors on my site. Specifically, the client wants all her titles and image overlay captions and most text to be Blue. Can anybody help out with this? Do I need to use code? Just a note Squaspace, this is a SUPER important aspect of being able to customize a site, and I wish there were an easier way to do this. I get lost in all the options that are laid out in different parts of the editor. Think others are having this same problem as well!
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