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  1. I'd use an index page with 3 subpages -apply a background only for the second page where you place your content - simple fast and reliable for the background all you have to do is paste this into CSS: #name-of-subpage { background-color: #91D3D9; } Example of how it works here - http://bit.ly/1QWrkZo
  2. Not sure if you have same tags in your template but you may try: .yui3-lightbox2 .sqs-lightbox-slideshow { background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.7); } It should give you a little bit transparent white lightbox
  3. Ok just tested and you have to do something else - you page in index has a unique name #something - so to alter only a page with for this video add a video as a regular block and paste this into CSS: #you-page-title .page-content { max-width: 2000px; margin: 0 auto; padding:0px; } And done. Example here http://bit.ly/1RLeWgj
  4. This should help: http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/80873/a-trick-to-create-a-nice-adjustable-banner-like-content
  5. No really but what you can do is add a search icon to you nav that points directly to your search page - take a look here http://www.sqsp.guru/news/squarespace-updates-the-search-block
  6. We use ReferralCandy for referal sales - works like a charm - let me know if you need more details
  7. It should work just fine (tested) on your regular domain - it doesn't work on xxx.squarespace.com
  8. Go to your cover page setting by clicking on a cog and paste this into Code Injection field <body onclick="window.location.href='newpage.html';" style="cursor:pointer; width:100%; height:100%;"></body> Of course use your own link.
  9. Why would you use any special code when GA does all the job for you, I assume you have Google Analytics already in place so all you have to do is paste this into your POST-SUBMIT HTML (your webform Advanced settings) <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=/thank-you/"> Then GA will track all the submissions. Let me know if you need any more help.
  10. If you want the Checout button to be displayed next to the “Add to Cart” and not after the wrapper (which pushes the checkout button to the next line), change part of the code to: $("<a class='checkoutbutton' href='/commerce/show-cart'>CHECKOUT</a>").insertAfter(".sqs-add-to-cart-button"); Then just add some padding to the CSS and you will get something like this:
  11. I'd love to have this option but not for a blog but for products' listing- summary block gives a lot of useful options (like grid/list layout) and limitation to 30 pcs is killing me:(
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