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  1. Thanks! When I insert the code on my site, only a portion of it appears, it says code removed. Do I need to make some changes so it shows up? Or will Squarespace just not allow it on a personal site? Hopefully it works.
  2. Hi, I have a paypal business account, and my squarespace has been put to a personal account. Is it possible to still add some type of paypal checkout to personal websites on Squarespace for some items being sold? I am looking for alternatives as I sell very few items, and I can't afford the commerce plan here anymore. Thank you for your help.
  3. Site URL: https://alwaysnothing.com/ Hi, I am trying to add CSS code to a specific blog post. It gives me the option under "add block" then "code" within the blog post iteself, I am putting CSS in that box but its not working. I do see another place to add CSS under the left side column there is a gear icon and under advanced there is a CSS setting, but its for business plans, can I not simply do this through the blog page itself? For example: Where would this CSS be pasted? .steps { clear: both; list-style: none; padding-left: 2%; } .steps li { margin: 2em 0; padding
  4. Hi Squarespace friends, I use the Bedford template. I need advice on improving the aesthetics of my blog. I would greatly appreciate a few tips. https://www.enokithreads.com/another-blog Suggestions to improve my blog landing page? (Header/ photos? Side bar changes? Colors? CSS, tips and tricks) First thing that comes to mind that could use improvement?
  5. Hi, I've tried to adjust how my blogs title shows up when posting to Facebook. I've attached a photo of mine, where it says "Enoki Threads" in bold at the bottom, I want that to be the blog title. I did find a setting in Marketing: SEO: Search Appearance but it will be a permanent title, and won't change when I post a new blog. I attached a photo of someones blog post on FB and you can see they have a bold title of that exact blog post. How do we do it on here? The marketing:SEO doesn't seem to be a fix for this? First photo is my site: https://www.enokithreads.com/blog/
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