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  1. No luck, I used CSS to disable the hamburger menu since I only have 2 items in it. One is a link away from squarespace and the other is the CTA which should take you down the page and is the cause of the problem. We're better off not getting people stuck on the site so I opted to remove it manually. Do you know if there's a clean way to disable the mobile menu through the settings?
  2. https://nextgenpurusha.org/ I've set the CTA button to go to #block-afa41ab335b06be2d2ae so it hits the page right, and this is fine on larger screens that don't use the hamburger menu.
  3. I'm on 7.1 and I have a CTA nav link that takes you to a location on the page via id. If the CTA link is clicked in the hamburger menu it scrolls down to the id but doesn't close the menu. Not only is the menu overlapping the page, it also hides the close button for the menu. Anyone have suggestions on closing the hamburger menu after clicking the id link? I can't seem to use javascript in the link, otherwise I could even just reload the page with the correct id attached.
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