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  1. I'd like to link to a large 1-page pdf file by linking the words 'Click here' in the verbiage. I've done this in other places. It went through uploading (took several minutes). The file seems to be associated with 'Click here' but the words are not hyperlinked and the link is not functioning. Is my file too large?
  2. OK... I probably missed the fine print when I signed up for my Biz Subscription. Thanks.
  3. I understand with my Business subscription plan, we get one domain email account free. I have not been able to find where to set that up. Under Home/Settings/Email & G-Suite, looks like it's free for a year then subscription kicks in. Is that where I set up my generic info@domainname.com email address?
  4. Yes... I got this figured out and have it published Public with password at this point. Finally got to the right video thanks.
  5. my domain is protectchristiancounty.com... my website URL is currently https://mango-raccoon-rc5y.squarespace.com/ They each show up on my squarespace dashboard separately... like the domain is waiting for the website to be built. Hoping we can marry the two.
  6. Last evening, before subscribing to Squarespace, I purchased my domain from Squarespace for $20. Then in the Trial mode, I spent several hours developing my sight... pretty intuitive. Like what I have. I'm not tech-savvy on websites, domains, etc. (that's why I chose Squarespace). How do I get my newly purchased domain to be the URL instead of the temporary one that came with the trial. I have watched several of your videos looking for the answer. Need help. Can't get the live chat to work. There are references to email but no email address given that I can find. HELP 🙂
  7. New user anxious to get set up. Can not figure out how to request a live chat. The link provided here and on the support page does not work.
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