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  1. Google checks the internet where they can answer Google searches, so content is the main thing. If there is no content available, Google won't see your website as a relevant source to answer someones question. Important is to be niche. I assume booking a dinner/chef is a huge market, so try to be as specific as possible. Maybe focus on a specific area with a specific type of kitchen. So instead of focussing your SEO on 'privite dining', make it more specific by 'book cook for home vegetarion dinner Vancouver', which might be a Google search by ppl who are looking for this service.
  2. Hi guys, I'm dealing with the same issue for over 2 years now, and i'm afraid there is no direct solution for this. Altough SquareSpace is awesome to work with, the payment options for foreign users (f.e. European) are minimal. I'm afraid this will be something on the long run, since there are no plans to add iDeal soon (contacted them several times with this question). An option could be to merge a Shopify store into your SquareSpace website. It works well (alltough I'm not using it since my goal isn't direct selling), but I tried it and seemed ok. The checkout/payment will also be
  3. Hi there, I was wondering whether there are any updates about when more complex product pricing options will be available? An easy option like; 10pc = 3eu, 20pc = 2eu, etc would be perfect. I know there are some work arounds, but it's too complex for many ppl. I really love Squarespace, but these basic options limits my sales and pushes me more and more towards using Shopify at some point. Love to hear!
  4. Hi there, How do I set a minimum order quantity per product variant? (f.e. if they select variant 2, the minimum number of products they can buy = 25) I'm already looking for a solution for days, but just don't know how. Hail to the King that has a solution!🤴 Cheers - Luc
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