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  1. I'm having this question too. Kind of. The cover page video is apparently too slow loading on some desktop versions - and pulls the mobile image. But on my phone (iPhone 6S) it sometimes display the video ... I assumed it would pull the mobile fallback image here (but that might depend on connection speed?).
  2. Solved! Seems like there was an extra video block that had sneaked in somehow. Just like you said Colin 🙂 The Vimeo sharing settings where ok, so nothing there. I ended up with a "costly" solution - created a new cover page and linked in the video, and it worked. Some double work but not a major task. I wish I could copy the styles from one cover page or any page really over to another one.
  3. One sec, I'll check this. Thank you for being so responsive 🙂
  4. Hi Colin, I'll double check. Do you have screenshot of how the Vimeo settings are supposed to look when it's done correctly?
  5. Hi, I'm facing some difficulties when I try to add a Vimeo video to our Cover page : https://www.hoth.is/ Vimeo video is under 40 sec and it works with another video from same account. Only with one exception; it displays a video player icon on top of the video - which is not preferable. It's a Vimeo plus account. The video is not coming up on other peoples computers when it's linked to our Cover page. The video that works is this one on Vimeo: video 1 The one that will not display on other computers than my own is this one: video 2 Summed up: We want to display the second Vimeo video on our cover page, - and without a video player icon on top of it Any input or suggestions? Thank you in advance -
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