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  1. Site URL: https://www.hoth.is/ Hello, A quick question - my website has the name "contact" in a few places (like on the dashboard, see attached). I have experienced that when I paste a link to the frontpage/ home (just what I call it) - it displays the title "contact" ... especially on social media. Not sure where I can correct this because as I see it in my site navigation/ setup the names are "frontpage", "contact" etc and I have not set the frontpage to have the name/title "contact". It's just weird to me but have no idea where to change this. Is this also in SEO settings? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi Cowlumbus, - thanks for chipping in. This is just so weird to me. Now I've had the cookie banner disabled with no result. I'm no solid HTML fox, so this is way too much for my skill level. - Is there any way possible to contact and get help directly from a Squarespace person on challenges likes this? I mean like Cargo Collective are? The other day I had an issue with my personal site and they answered and helped me fix it within a day! Blah.
  3. Hello @fieldstudios - unfortunately I have not figured out a solution to this problem. I might recreate the page in something else if I dont figure it out here in SQS.
  4. Is it because SQS have poor servers or there's too much traffic etc? Or that it pulls video from Vimeo? I mean ... is this typical SQS headaches that people are struggling with? - Can another CMS provider give a better experience with video on the front page like Drupal etc? Or do I simply need a steady developer to figure things like this out for a basic platform like SQS? I have only used this and Cargo Collective, so my knowledge to fix this issue is limited - Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi, So here's and update on the video front page. It's really weird I do not understand why. I have tried look into the code but not any wiser; https://www.hoth.is/ Sometimes it shows the video and other times not. People as well as myself often have needed to refresh a couple of times before the video is appearing. I am aware of the speed and connections, - but we have tested it with normal good connection ... (!). This is giving me a headache and is bad for business. Any input anyone?
  6. Hi Christy, thank you. I'll manage now I think -
  7. Hi, I'm not experienced with SEO, but have somehow made some basics on our page for a small design studio. I am using a Cover Page: "Trade" as front page. I cannot see where I can change the "keywords" - the blue ones I assume is picked up in search on Google etc. We have changed the focus area a little and want to take out some of the services that we are not focusing atm. This is url; https://www.hoth.is I have attached some screens to show you: Clicking the clog gives me this: It's the keywords in blue that I will like to change, not only for this page but also for the pages that I have not published atm. Then it's this after clicking the "Edit Website SEO Settings" link Can anyone help out and direct me to what I need to do or if this is something that I cannot do etc. Thank you in advance -
  8. Hi guys, Yes as Colin assume - we recreated the cover page with another one. The issue was fixed and I have no idea where the problem was. Now we're having another issue with the video on cover page as it load the fallback image lots of times (on my computer) where I have a pretty good connection. I have tried several ways, but have not resolved this yet. Any input would be handy. The page is here: https://www.hoth.is Best
  9. I'm having this question too. Kind of. The cover page video is apparently too slow loading on some desktop versions - and pulls the mobile image. But on my phone (iPhone 6S) it sometimes display the video ... I assumed it would pull the mobile fallback image here (but that might depend on connection speed?).
  10. Solved! Seems like there was an extra video block that had sneaked in somehow. Just like you said Colin 🙂 The Vimeo sharing settings where ok, so nothing there. I ended up with a "costly" solution - created a new cover page and linked in the video, and it worked. Some double work but not a major task. I wish I could copy the styles from one cover page or any page really over to another one.
  11. One sec, I'll check this. Thank you for being so responsive 🙂
  12. Hi Colin, I'll double check. Do you have screenshot of how the Vimeo settings are supposed to look when it's done correctly?
  13. Hi, I'm facing some difficulties when I try to add a Vimeo video to our Cover page : https://www.hoth.is/ Vimeo video is under 40 sec and it works with another video from same account. Only with one exception; it displays a video player icon on top of the video - which is not preferable. It's a Vimeo plus account. The video is not coming up on other peoples computers when it's linked to our Cover page. The video that works is this one on Vimeo: video 1 The one that will not display on other computers than my own is this one: video 2 Summed up: We want to display the second Vimeo video on our cover page, - and without a video player icon on top of it Any input or suggestions? Thank you in advance -
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