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  1. Amazing, thanks Tuanphan I modified the code as I wanted to remove the banner on the desktop website as well. I added this code in the code injection of the gallery page @media screen { section.Intro.Intro--has-image { display: none; } } Then, I had to adjust the 'Content Section Spacing' in style in order to avoid overlapping images/text thanks again Vincent
  2. I have the same issue using the template ‘marta’. I want to hide the banner image when I’m in the gallery page: https://www.erinharrison-art.com/gallery I tried various code such as: <style> .data-parallax-image-wrapper { display: none; } </style> but nothing seems to work any idea? thanks
  3. Hello, I was looking for the same thing, I'm no expert in CSS but this worked for me for the template 'Marta' in Design -> custom CSS add the following code .sold-out .sqs-money-native { display:none } -> the price is now hidden for sold items (out of stock) on all pages displaying the products I'd be happy to hear if this code is not reliable. see the example on the website: https://www.erinharrison-art.com/shop cheers Vincent.
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