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  1. The site is live! You can see what i mean between the style differences of the "card" section of the initial block in the homepage and the second section regarding the book which is heading based. If you need a special share url etc please lmk how to send that to you. Live website address is www.leandrazarnow.com. Thank you in advance for any help regarding custom code to color links/ set other dynamic rules about body text that are resize friendly! Cheers @tuanphan.
  2. Hey tuanphan, Thanks for the response! The url is leandrazarnow.com but the site is not live yet.
  3. Hi There, I am trying to change the inline link color for text blocks using the heading 2 site-wide designation. For some reason the links underline but the color wont change. Is there a way to change just one color in a "heading" designation? More specifically, a way to specify inline link colors differently like in body text? I've attached an image for reference. As you can see the inline "body" links are red but the two "heading" links in the middle are black. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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