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  1. Site URL: https://www.damoncameron.com/ Does anyone know how if there is code to enable click through from the images (thumbnails) in an index on mobile devices? I have an index of galleries and video projects as my home page and i'd like the user to be able to simply tap on the image and then be taken to the corresponding gallery or project. Or even more simply direct them to the corresponding page within my site. (currently have to double up the Galleries and video projects to have the home page effect and nav bar up top. ) By default on mobile devices, the user has to tap on the tit
  2. Site URL: https://www.damoncameron.com/ I'm wondering if there is a CSS work around to have each video playback in full screen by default once the play button is tapped? Rather than having to tap the 'full screen' button in the vimeo or youtube player which is clunky and unnecessary in this day and age. For mobile devices its pretty much essential for clean, impactful viewing. Many thanks
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