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  1. We connected Squarespace to our Google Analytics property using the plug in in Squarespace.

    Once we did it though we realized that transactions were not tracked and so we put a code in the code injection section, to record transactions in Analytics.


    Everything is working properly now but this set up doesn’t allow us to keep track on analytics of the products purchased.

    We can see a transaction but we can’t see which were the products in the basket.


    In the previous version of the website tracking was also set up with the automatic plug-in in Squarespace with no need for a code injected in the thank you page and the client had track of all the different products.


    Our question therefore is:

    • Is it normal that connecting Analytics to Squarespace with the plug-in transactions are not tracked? If not, what’s the issue here?

    • If instead this is something normal, how can we keep track of the products purchased on Analytics?

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