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  1. @tuanphan many thanks. I have sent you a message via your "Email me" form with he details
  2. Hi @tuanphan. I would love to use the above on the site I'm building and have added it successfully. However, what I really need is two sticky floating buttons like this on everybody (one on top of the other) rather than just one. Is that possible? And is it possible for them to appear on every page other than the homepage? Many thanks if you see this and can help
  3. @tuanphan and is there a way to make the link clicked open in a new window? All help greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey @tuanphan, the above code is great and just what I'm looking for to appear on certain pages of a website I'm building. But I need two separate buttons one on top of the other on the page. Is there a way to adapt the code to create two buttons?
  5. Hi there, Having difficulty working out how to increase the size of text inside buttons I add to a site I'm working on. Have seen a couple of other posts on the subject but haven't discovered a solution that works. In the Design-Site Styles-Fonts-Buttons section I can adjust the size of how big a small, medium or large button appears, the weight of the font and the letter spacing. In the Design-Site Styles-Buttons section I can adjust the padding (which just increases and decreases the size of the buttons themselves again). If in the Fonts section I increase the font Base Size (which I don't want to do as only want to change the button text size) this increases the font size in the button, but also the size of the button itself. I can't find how to change the size of the actual text which appears within the button. Any help gratefully received.
  6. Does anyone on here or from Squarespace have any insight on this. It appears to be random, with different photos appearing to be affected at different times. And some days no photos affected at all.
  7. Hi all, Has anyone experienced the issue in 7.1 where images don't display? They upload fine, appear on the page, but then at a later date when the page is reviewed the image is missing and is replaced with an error symbol like in the attached examples. This happens across the website and in galleries and in stand alone images - sometimes when I upload the image again it works fine but then when I revisit the site again at a later date the issue is happening across a number of random images (either the same or new ones) Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Hope someone can help. In 7.1 is there a way to change the text that appears under the various sections created when you add a form block? For example, as shown on the attached screen grab, when I add "address" to a form it creates the text entry boxes Address 1, Address 2, City, Zip/Postal Code, State/Province, Country I want to be able to change those values, so for my UK website I can remove "zip" and change "State/Province" to "County". Is there a way to do this? Code this? Thanks
  9. Hi there, Possibly a super basic question but hoping someone can help. Am building a site for a school in 7.1 and am using the folder system in the main nav to create drop down menu/nav. See attached photo At the moment I have the list of folders appearing in the main nav - Nursery, School, Admissions etc etc Under each one I have the pages, which appear as clickable linked pages - Curriculum, Typical Day, Uniform However, what I really want is for the top level nav items (Nursery, School, Admissions etc etc) to be clickable, linking to a page. Is there a way to create a drop down navigation system which also has that top level item as a clickable option linking to a page in the same way the pages which appear in the drop down do? Any help greatly appreciated. Coggleton
  10. @tuanphan this is the link to the page in question - https://www.andrewsadlerphotography.com/gallery Thanks!
  11. Hi tuanphan Not sure what you mean? Its a standard gallery block in the grid format being used in the Bryant template - need to remove the title and description showing on the images when they are enlarged in the Lightbox view
  12. Hi all, Hope someone can help me with the following: I am using the Bryant template and have a standard blank page onto which I've added a gallery block in the grid format. What I'm trying to get rid of is the fact that when one of the grid images is clicked on to enlarge and bring into the lightbox view the title & description show in a bar along the bottom of the image when the cursor is hovered over it. I want to keep the image titles and descriptions for SEO purposes but don't want to display them on the images. In the site style there is no way of controlling Gallery settings, and unchecking the "Show title below the image" option in the block's design panel only removes it from showing beneath each image in the grid view. Does anyone know the code to remove the title & descriptions from the enlarged images?? (attached image shows what I'm trying to lose) Thanks!
  13. Hi Colin, Thanks for the response. When I paste that code in nothing at all happens. I've tried pasting it as the only bit of custom CSS in the box, tried pasting it and adjusting the px value, but nothing I do result in any visible change to the pages. I re-building my website in a trial account to get it all right before I apply my changes to the live site, but all other custom CSS I've inputed works so can't imagine its because I'm in a trial site?? Have pasted it exactly as you have it in your message (see attached). Am I doing something wrong?? Thanks!
  14. Hope someone can help! Re-building my website in the Bryant template from the Bedford family and I'm struggling with a large gap between the bottom of the site header/horizontal nav bar and the first bit of content which sits below it (its fine on the homepage, but all other pages there's a large gap - see attached pics). Can someone advise if there's a way to reduce this gap? Thanks!
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