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  1. Site URL: https://www.shiftyes.com/culturedrop Hey there, I want the CSS code to center the contents of just one summary block for our 4 most recent blog posts (used on this page: www.shiftyes.com/culturedrop) It all goes to the left when the screen when the page is expanded, and I want them to be centered. Every code I've used has expanded *all* of my code blocks (so the quote summary block I have above it shows every single entry instead of continuing as a carousel). The block ID for the one I want to target is #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1611958011611_16043 Thank you!
  2. Hey @brandon! That's correct, it's just a list of zip codes corresponding to the zips we do service and then providing a corresponding message. It doesn't have to be map/radius based since we have the zips, but hoping to have something sleek or user friendly for UI.
  3. Hey all - I have a client who wants to add a plugin to their site that will allow the ability to plug in a zip code and have the user alerted as to whether or not they currently service that area. I thought zipfinder was the answer, but that's just for specific locations (not a map delivery zone type plugin). Has anyone had experience with this? Any good solutions out there? Thanks in advance, x
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