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  1. Hello community, I want to show 3 Metadata types on my blog posts (author , date, and tags). The brine template which I am using, only allows to show 2 types of Metadata. If I show the author & date using the standard site style options, is there any custom code I can use to show the blog tags at the bottom of each post? I understand how to hide certain elements in Squarespace using custom CSS e.g Item.name{ display:none; } Maybe it is possible to do the reverse with the hidden tags ? If someone could shed some light on this I would great a
  2. Hello, I would like to edit the following Javascript code to start automatically, when somebody lands on my page. The code is for a simple counter from https://styleddigital.com/blog/2017/5/10/how-to-add-an-animated-counter-in-squarespace. Unfortunately this question has not yet been answered there. Maybe you can help?
  3. I am looking for a blog post counter for my website. The blog on my website focuses on cigar reviews and each new post is a new cigar review. I would visitors to know how many cigars have been reviewed on my website in total using a blog post counter or the likes. Is this possible?
  4. Hello, My website is multilingual, German and English. I have two variants of every page of my website. On summaries, is there any way to translate the "Read More" link using css. I know how to target the the link to change colours or text, but is it possible to have my website show "Read More" on my English site and "Weiterlesen" on my German site? Greetings from Hamburg, Max
  5. I will give this a try later when I am on my laptop 🤞🤞🤞
  6. The script works and an example can be found under the website address given in my post. I want to move the language switcher into the mobile menu when my website is vied on a mobile.
  7. Dear Community, I am in the process of making my website Multilingual. For the moment I have set up a test Squarespace website to experiment on, though the implementation on my live website will be the same. Website: http://lychee-sheep-23gt.squarespace.com/ Password: 123456789 Template: Brine I have followed the guide found here https://www.bradgood.net/articles/multi-language-content-on-any-squarespace-template with great success. However, I am stuck on the following: On the mobile / tablet view I would like the Language switcher to appear on the bottom of the mobil
  8. Hello, I cannot find the css to shrink my footer and remove this empty space. The text in the footer is positioned in the footer top block. Can anyone help me?
  9. Ok thank you it worked! That is a shame we cannot target individual blogs. I guess I have to do some editing now heheh 😁
  10. Sorry! my bad. That article is not published yet... Here is an article that is published. https://www.thecigarbible.com/de/newsblog/support-your-local Just to clarify I want to hid the title on all blog posts in the /newsblog
  11. @tuanphan Is it possible to apply that code to a blog post as well, I want to remove the title from the blog post, but doing so leaves me with the same gap..
  12. I get a Syntax error with this code... Im guessing though it is better not to resize these images on different views.. Im still having problems though with the padding of my website. I want the images in mobile view to be flush with the header. In the other views I want padding applied to these images....I have attached a picture to try and explain myself a bit better.
  13. No I have the problem that the padding on my other blogs is complete gone on mobile https://www.thecigarbible.com/de/zigarrenbewertungen and https://www.thecigarbible.com/en/cigar-reviews Ideally I would like the same padding rule to be applied to these blogs as well...
  14. Yes I changed the images.😋 I still do not know how to get the image height to shrink when viewed on a screen larger than mobile though?
  15. This I got solved thank you for asking..😍
  16. The images containing the text NEWSFEED and ZIGARRE DES MONATS. I copies of the homepage in German and English. The images on both sites would need to change....
  17. Can somebody please please help me with my website. I am trying to remove the left & right padding of the images on the top of my blog.(Mobile only) I have four blogs in total on my website but I want this modification to only effect two blogs. (https://www.thecigarbible.com/en/newsblog) and (https://www.thecigarbible.com/de/newsblog) I am using the following code to adjust other padding settings on website primarily the homepage: I am facing the complication that when I change the following code, padding is added to both text and images in the blog
  18. Hello Community, I would like the height of the images on my homepage in desktop view to shrink (https://www.thecigarbible.com/en/home). The current height is perfect for my mobile view but too tall for anything above the mobile breakpoint. Currently I am using the following code to stretch the images on mobile.
  19. Hi, my website is www.thecigarbible.com On the mobile website I want to remove all left, right and top padding on the image blocks containing the text "Newsfeed" and the one with "Cigar of the month", so that the image block has no padding top, left and right of the mobile screen. I have tried several different options posted on the forum herea but none seem to work right. I am either left with padding at the top, some small padding either left or right or other content blocks on my website are effected. I am using the template: Brine. I would really appreciate some
  20. Hell community I have a page with a featured post at the top and a summary carousel at the bottom. How can I make it so the featured post (which happens to be the most recent) is not shown as the first post in the summary block. An example page can be found here: www.thecigarbible.com/testpage Any help would be greatly appreciated. Max
  21. Sorry I was shortly offline due to maintenance. Back online now @tuanphan
  22. @tuanphan I just realised pasting your name does not automatically tag you. Sorry my mistake.
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